Traffic signs and lights

Traffic Signal Lights

Solid Red LightSolid Red Light – This signal means you have to “STOP”. It allows a right turn, but only when is safe and only after you stop and yield to pedestrians, bicyclists, or any vehicles close enough to be a hazard. If the “NO TURN ON RED” sign is also posted, then the right turn is not allowed.

Red Arrow LightRed Arrow Light – This signal means you have to “STOP”. You must remain stopped until the Green Arrow or Green Signal appears. Turning against Red Arrow is not allowed.

Flashing Red LightFlashing Red Light – This signal means you have to “STOP”, but you may proceed when is safe. You have to observe and obey the right-of-way rules.

Solid Yellow LightSolid Yellow Light – This signal means you have to proced with “CAUTION”, because the next signal will be the Red Light. Thus, you have to stop if you can do so safely, or you can cautiously cross the intersection if you can’t stop safely.

Yellow Arrow LightYellow Arrow Light – This signal warns you about the ending of the “protected” turning time period. You must be prepared to obey the next signal – Red Arrow or Red Light.

Flashing Yellow LightFlashing Yellow Light – This signal means “PROCEED WITH CAUTION”. You have to slow down before enetring the intersection and be especially alert.

Flashing Yellow ArrowFlashing Yellow Arrow Light – This signal allows you to turn, but unprotected, thus you have to yield pedestrians and oncoming traffic first, and only after to proceed with caution.

Solid Geen LightSolid Green Light – This signal means “GO”. You have the right-of-way, but you must no proceed if you can’t get completely across the intersection before the Red Light. You can be cited if you block the intersection. Solid Green Light allows a left turn only if you have enough space for the turn before creating a hazard for any oncoming bicyclist, pedestrian or vehicle.

Green Arrow LightGreen Arrow Light – This signal means “GO”. You can make a “protected” turn in the direction the arrow is pointing, but you have to yield to any vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian still in the intersection. “Protected” means that as long as the green arrow is lighted, the oncoming vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians are stopped by a red light.

Traffic Signal Blackout – When the the traffic signal light is not working, hou have to proceed with caution, as if the intersection is controlled by “STOP” signs in all directions.

Pedestrian Signal Lights

Usually, to activate the pedestrian signal light, you have to push the pedestrian push button. In the absence of the pedestrian signals, you have to obey the traffic signal lights.

Walk Sign“Walk” or “Walking Person” – This signal light means you are allowed to cross the stret.

Do Not Walk Sign“Don’t Walk” or “Raised Hand” – This signal light means you are not allowed to cross the stret.

Flashing “Don’t Walk” or Flashing “Raised Hand” – This signal light warns you about an imminent change of the traffic signal. You are not allowed to start crossing the street, however if you allready started to cross before the signal light starts flashing you have to finish crossing the street as quickly as possible.

Countdown Signals – These signals indicate how many seconds remain for crossing.

Beeping or Chirping Sound or Verbal Message Signals – These signals are designed to help blind or visually impaired pedestrians.

Traffic Signs

Shapes and colors gives you clues about the sign information.

Stop SignEight-sided red “STOP” – This sign means a full “STOP”. You must stop at the white limit line, or before entering the crosswalk, or before entering the intersection (is no limit line of crosswalk are painted), and you have to check traffic in all directions before proceeding.

Yield SignThree-sided red “YIELD” – This sign means you must slow down and be prepared to yield to any vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian. If necessary you must stop.

Square Regulatory SignSquare red and white regulatory sign – You must follow the sign’s instruction.

Red circle with a red line through itRed circle with a red line through it – This sign means “NO”. The picture inside the circle shows what you can not do.


Approaching Railroad Crossing

Yellow and black circular – This sign means you are approaching a railroad crossing.

Railroad CrossingX-shaped signs with RAILROAD CROSSING on a white background – you must to slow down, be prepared to stop, look and listen for any incoming train. You must let any trains pass before you proceed.

School SignFive-sided signs – This signs warns you are near a school. You must stop if children are in the crosswalk.

Four-sided diamond-shaped – These signs warns you of specific road conditions and dangers ahead.

White rectangular sign – You must obey important rules.

There are warning signs with fluorescent yellow-green background. They warn of conditions related to schools, playgrounds, school passenger loading zones, school buses, pedestrians, bicyclists. You must obey all warning signs regardless their color or shape.

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